Extracts data from application forms of all kinds for efficient processing.

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Digitization & Cognitive Process Automation of data extraction from forms

Using proprietary deep learning techniques, Eazyform automates data extraction from bank form with upto 100% accuracy, both printed and hand-written.

EazyForms can automatically extract data such as customer name, customer address, email, phone number, PAN, Aadhaar and more from across account opening, standing instruction and standardized order forms.

EazyForms combined with EazyKYC becomes a power automation solution account origination.

How EazyForm works


EazyForm will identify keys i.e. labels of information captured in the form; and value fields i.e regions of interest where customer will fill the form. It will also categorize field types such as jail-box, box, line etc.


It will process the scanned image to clear noise and prepare it for extraction.


EazyForm’s recognition engine extracts data written inside a jail box / box, on a solid / dotted line, in free-form as well as within checkboxes. It also gives a confidence score against each pair i.e. a measure of how much the captured value is associated with the given key name.


Post-processing algorithms process this data and presents output in the desired format.


It sends information captures as key value pairs in CSV, XML or JSON format.

Manual override

If there is any ambiguity in validation, it automatically prompts the user to review, add or change. It also learns constantly from the user’s inputs.
Manual override

EazyForm Brochure download

For a more detailed look into the product, features and processes, download our brochure here.

How we achieve near-100% accuracy with EazyForm

Multiple algorithms for region-of-interest detection

In all our products, there are multiple algorithms working simultaneously on region-of-interest identification, ensuring 100% detection.


Simple Otsu methods to deep learning-based segmentation algorithms work constantly to improve the extraction quality.

Exclusive algorithms for correcting false predictions

DeepQuanty’s patent-pending algorithms are designed especially to correct false predictions, and guess values in noisy images, at 100% accuracy.

Dual algorithmic journeys for building quorum

It builds quorum using two algorithms for every field. Each algorithm has different deep learning bases and maths for feature extraction methods, number of layers, loss functions etc.

Claim your POC​

Take EazyForm for a spin with our free customised proof-of-concept for banks and financial institutions in India. Fill the form below to claim yours now.

Claim your POC

Take EazyForm for a spin with our free customised proof-of-concept for banks and financial institutions in India. Fill the form below to claim yours now.​