Article in Express Computer “Cutting-Edge Innovation in Computer Vision and AI”

Chennai based startup DeepQuanty Artificial Intelligence Labs is doing interesting work in deep learning AI ecosystem, combining human intelligence and machine learning to bring smart automation solutions for the BFSI and other sectors.

DeepQuanty Artificial Intelligence Labs applies computer vision and artificial intelligence to solve problems in various sectors including BFSI, retail, e-commerce, and healthcare. The founders of the Chennai headquartered startup are Dr. Jayaram K Iyer, Mahadevan Jayaram and Sundar K. All the three of them have other successful businesses in the analytics and technology domains.

Mahadevan Jayaram, Co-Founder, DeepQuanty

Their products extract data from images using computer vision and process the data using machine learning techniques for better end-use. “Our mission is to drastically improve customer experience (CX) while improving cost efficiencies,” says Mahadevan Jayaram, Co-Founder, DeepQuanty.

Currently focusing on the BFSI sector, DeepQuanty later aims to leverage the patent-pending technologies in other domains such as healthcare, retail and such. The startup is self-funded as of now and will continue to be the same in the near foreseeable future.

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