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June 2019:

At Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore a one day long session covered interesting topics such as:

  • How AI applications using computer vision is driving efficiency in the BFSI space.
  • How data extraction using AI is automating data entry operations, when most data is handwritten – e.g. in Cheques, Application Forms, etc.
  • Introduction to AI and Computer Vision.
  • Introduction to AI/Computer Vision Applications in BFSI.
  • Solving data problems for handwriting recognition in Cheques especially Date and Amount in figures (Workshop).
  • Extracting Amount in Figures using AI Algorithms (Workshop).
  • Extracting Dates using AI Algorithms (Workshop).
  • Challenges in extracting Names (Lecture and a throwback challenge).

There were about 50 participants from the relevant B.Tech streams (Computational Engineering and Computer Vision). The University was kind enough to provide cutting edge hardware (e.g. high end processing capabilities) to each participant. Participants were not required to have any more knowledge than just installing Python and SimpleHTR. Data was provided by DeepQuanty.

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